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Buy 24 Get 1 Free


Yesterday I found a great score at the local vintage video game store. I managed to snag 24 new blank cassette tapes $13 and a cassette recorder for free. Almost all of the blank tapes are Memorex DBS 90 with the exception being 2 TDK D90. Both types of tape are “Type I” meaning they utilize iron oxide as the ferromagnetic material.

I cleared out all of the tapes the shop had since they were priced at $0.50 each. The employee that sold me the tapes threw in a free recorder that was destined for the landfill.

The recorder is a Panasonic model SG-P100. Since the record function is intended for microphone use I’m going to assume this is a mono recorder. This unit also contains an AM and FM stereo as well as a phono amplifier.

I’ll have to make a line-to-mic level adapter for cassette recorder since it has a microphone port instead of a line-in. The adapter for the recorder should be simpler to make than the one for mobile phones. I just need TRS and TRRS patch cables to sacrifice for adapters and I can begin recording.