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Updates about the site and general thoughts. The following are my most recent posts.

Hardware Hiatus


I moved in with family earlier this year. Almost all of my tools and parts are now in a storage unit with the exception of a portable “kit” I compiled as I was packing for the move. I have a basic soldering iron, hot air rework tool, multimeter, portable power supply, and a fishing lure organizer full of wire and passive components.

What I do not have is easy access to my collection of half-baked projects and scrap materials. I also do not have much room to work on large physical projects like I did before the move. Essentially, my hardware projects have been put on hold until I am fully relocated (hopefully later this year).

Although I am separated from my hardware, I do not feel the urge to make things waning. Instead, I have been working on things of a more digital nature like art and code. I’m currently designing a couple of websites that I plan to release within the next few months. As soon as things are public they will be added to the shiny new sites section.

Site Upgrades


Long time, no talk. I’ve been making some changes around here the last few days and figured I’d make a post about them. Perhaps the biggest usability improvement has been the addition of navigation breadcrumbs! Each page on the site now has a lovely trail of breadcrumbs at the top so you can find your way back if you go deep and forget where you are.

The other major addition to the markup is Open Graph tags. These <meta> tags inform instant messenger applications and social media platforms about the content of the page when you share a link. Now when sharing any page you should see a nice preview of the content and a pretty cover image (if one is available).

If you are interested in the nitty-gritty details of how these are implemented, just take a peek at the related commits on GitLab.

Hello World Wide Web


This is my first “official” personal blog post. I have always wanted a place to scratch down my thoughts, but I have avoided creating a blog for some time. It’s not an uncommon occurrence to wander through the internet and stumble upon an abandoned tech blog or a boilerplate WordPress setup that has a single test post. In the past I figured any personal attempt to start a weblog would have the same fate, but today I finally found the initiative to start one anyway.