Blaine's World

Personal Projects

I like to work on electronics and write software to meet immediate “needs” as well as to have some fun (okay, mostly for fun). Here are some of my projects.


Flipper Price Tagger

A Flipper Zero app that programs electronic shelf labels (ESL). Made for a bounty request (but really because I’ve always wanted a way to use eink tags as static displays for art).

Ultrasound Synthesizer

A Python script that synthesizes audio from an spectral Doppler image generated by an ultrasound machine.

Wasteland Radio

A 1940’s Philco radio converted into a retrofuturistic internet media streamer. The damaged condition of the radio inspired a Fallout themed project.

Super PAC 64

Upgrades and experiments with the Dolch PAC 64 “Network Sniffer”. This is not just another gut-and-stuff project; almost all the original hardware was kept in-place or upgraded to play nice with newer technology.

Trash Car

A toy remote control car upgraded with hobby RC components and other junk from my collection. I got it without the transmitter when I was a kid and saved it for a rainy day. Almost 2 decades later I picked it back up.

Pocket Guestbook

An ESP8266-based web server that hosts an offline guestbook from an SD card. This was an experiment to create interactive web application on an embedded system with minimal “server-side” data processing.

Push to Reboot

A power strip controllable via DTMF commands issued using a handheld radio. My original goal was to provide a way to reset network equipment while away from home.


A data storage format that is intended to be reliable when used on aging cassette tape hardware. This is mostly for fun, but somewhat research on data storage techniques.

Tape Artchive

An experiment to store visual art with audio on cassette tape by using amateur radio SSTV signals. Quite impractical, but it made for a nice gift to a friend who shares an interest in tape.