Blaine's World

A Demo


I just finished splicing together a video demonstration of an artchive.

In the video I play a demo tape into an adapter attached to an Android tablet and a laptop (offscreen). On the tablet I decoded SSTV signals with Robot 36 and recorded the screen with Du Recorder. On the laptop I recorded the audio from the tape using Audacity. I recorded the beginning of the video using my smartphone attached to a tripod with some lightweight bonding material. After I gathered all the source material I spliced it together using Kdenlive.

The audio on the tape I played in the demonstration was generated by this make script. The repository contains instructions on how to make a custom artchive and contains the source material used to create the one shown in the video. I’ll be sending this demo tape to my friend along with the tape I am currently working on for him.

I’ve amassed a bit of equipment and parts from this project, which should make future tape endeavors a bit easier. I would like to explore more uses for the medium, especially reliable data storage using consumer-level equipment.