Blaine's World

Hardware Hiatus


I moved in with family earlier this year. Almost all of my tools and parts are now in a storage unit with the exception of a portable “kit” I compiled as I was packing for the move. I have a basic soldering iron, hot air rework tool, multimeter, portable power supply, and a fishing lure organizer full of wire and passive components.

What I do not have is easy access to my collection of half-baked projects and scrap materials. I also do not have much room to work on large physical projects like I did before the move. Essentially, my hardware projects have been put on hold until I am fully relocated (hopefully later this year).

Although I am separated from my hardware, I do not feel the urge to make things waning. Instead, I have been working on things of a more digital nature like art and code. I’m currently designing a couple of websites that I plan to release within the next few months. As soon as things are public they will be added to the shiny new sites section.