Blaine's World

TrashBox BBS


A dial-up bulletin board built using scraps and recycled parts from other computers I had on hand. A fusion of “new” hardware and old ideas in the form of a living pile of junk.

I’ve wanted to build and run a bulletin board system since learning about the scene when I first found in middle school. I always thought I was “born too late” to make it happen, but there’s been a recent revival in retro computing that has made everything old new again.


Part Model
Motherboard HP MCP61PM-HM “Nettle”
Processor AMD Phenom X4 9150e 1.8GHz
Memory 4GB (4x1GB) 240-pin DDR2
SSD Silicon Power S60 120GB
Modems 2x IBM 33L4582 56K PCI V90
Power Supply SySTIUM ST220-FLX 250W
Case Metal sled from med cart PC